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Divine Fire 


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The power is in the NOW!!!!
Give yourself permission to do something that feeds your soul and live your life on purpose and with intention.

My mission is to empower women across the globe to ignite the fire within, by embracing their personal power, so, they, too, can create more joy, freedom and abundance in their lives. 

I help high achieving professional women break-free from old paradigms, connect to their purpose so they can create powerfully in their lives. I help you immediately begin transforming your mindset and move beyond what is holding you back and help you unlock new levels of clarity and energy so you can manifest the life you dream of and are destined to live.

Let's rise and thrive together ♥


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Ignite Your Day Ritual

Striving for more success? Start your day strong and achieve more through the day with this powerful morning ritual that is sure to 'IGNITE YOUR DAY'

Supporting & Empowering Women

Transformational Coaching Sessions

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Breakthrough Session

See the truth and what is really possible for you and your life!

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Mindset Mastery

Rewire your mind and break-free from old paradigms


Full circle transformation to help you reclaim your power

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Sarah Vincent

My purpose and passion is to help women achieve their full potential and create a life they don't need to escape from.

I am a certified David Bayer Transformational Mindset Facilitator and I help high achieving women break-free from old paradigms connect with their purpose, so they, can create a life they love and deserve.

Get ready to go on a transformational journey, to discover you, the REAL you! Where you become a visionary, where you are able to access healing energies and life-changing lessons that will help you step into a new personal reality. Transformation, is changing who you are, changing the way you think and the way you see things and making new empowering decisions.

You don't need to burn yourself out trying to hold everything together, you can stop settling and start living your best life.

Don't let life pass you by, there is another way!

It's time to come back to heart and ignite that fire within you! Are you ready to RECLAIM YOUR POWER?

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Does This Sound Like You?

You work so hard to create a good life, you're doing all of the right things but you still feel a disconnect, you feel like there has got to be more in life.  You wonder if there is more for you, if it's okay to even want more. You know what you would love to have in life, but either your don't know how to get it or fear stops you from moving towards it.

  • Do you feel... lost and unfulfilled or feel you should be further along?
  • Does it seem... like you don't have enough time, energy or money to do what you want?
  • Are you frustrated that... no matter what you try, you just can't seem to get to that next level. 
  • And when it comes down to it, do you... fear that you will never achieve your full potential and be the person you are meant to be?


"Working with Sarah has been such a gratifying experience. She is so caring and open-minded and always finds ways to help others.
Sarah has helped me work towards my goals in a more positive way. She presents different ways of thinking and tools that help with alleviating self-sabotage.
I find myself motivated to continue applying what I learned from her and continue working on transforming my own thinking to attract more of my desired outcomes.
I feel so blessed to know and to have worked with Sarah."


“Sarah is amazing at what she does, she is intuitive and helped me get down to the root of my thoughts so I was able to rewire my old thought patterns. She kept me accountable with daily rituals and action plans and helped me create steps on how to create positive changes in my life. Sarah cares deeply for others and is always cheering others on to do their best so they can achieve their goals and create the life they want. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Sarah, she really made a difference in my life.”


"When faced with a challenge or a negative belief, Sarah has taught me how powerful I am and how to transform my thoughts and stack the evidence to see what really is working for me. This has helped me navigate through some tough decisions in my life. She has shown me the power of gratitude and to actively seek out the positives in my life. She is relentless in her pursuit to succeed and help others succeed.
Sarah is open, encouraging and so positive it is infectious. I am so grateful for her and the work
she is doing."


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'Ignite Your Day Ritual' 

CLICK THE BUTTON below and give me your BEST email address to get A POWERFUL Morning Ritual that is sure to 'IGNITE Your Day!'
Embrace the day by strengthening your inner power …
Rituals are considered one of the most powerful and effective self-development tools. Maintaining a morning ritual has the ability to empower your life significantly by effectively changing your belief patterns.